About me

In 2020, I graduated from the 11th grade of the Higher School – Private Gymnasium of the DAR in Russia in the city of Ulyanovsk with a higher diploma with honors.

Now I am studying at the 2nd year of Ulyanovsk State University at the Faculty of Jurisprudence and Economics.

In 2020, I entered the Paris American Academy in Paris, now I am a 2nd year student.

I always painted, first with colored pencils and pencils, then with gouache and watercolor, and later with oil, pastel, acrylic. When I went to the first grade of school, I began classes with professional artists. The first teacher in painting, now lives in Chicago, USA.

I try to paint with all the techniques: watercolor, acrylic, oil, pastel, pencil.

I also like portrait painting, I like to convey a variety of faces, emotions, moods.

Still lifes and landscapes from nature are another favorite of my direction. I travel a lot and always take a notebook, pencil, brushes, watercolor with me.

And no matter what city or country I am in, I always take lessons from local artists – in Rome, in London, in Los Angeles, in Paris, in Nice, in Cannes.

My first personal Art exhibition was held in the creative space “Quarter” in Russia in the city of Ulyanovsk in 2019. I called my exhibition “All in all,” because the exhibition includes works made in various genres (portrait, landscape, still life) and with the help of various materials (acrylic, watercolor, oil, tempera, etc.).

Repeatedly participating in International creative online competitions of young artists in which she took first places.